Red 55 Wine

Because wine is the answer to everything, right?

If you’ve been following our blog posts, you’ll recall our most recent submission. We gave you the low down creating experiences for your customers to increase your sales and your customer base. How do we know this works? Are we just blowing smoke?

Presenting the events we do, we have the opportunity to work with some snazzy people and brands. One of our partners is L & A Custom Imports Agency. Through them, we have the privilege of presenting events for Red 55 Winery, the signature wine line of Miranda Lambert. Let us set the stage for you at our last wine tasting…

In the village of Consort, Alberta is a liquor store, Buffalo Trail Liquor, to be exact. You read that right, it’s a village. That means we’re talking about less than 1,000 people living in the area. It’s farmland and ranches mostly. We drove the three hours to get there. The owners of the store had bought more cases of the wine just the week prior. We got the word out on social media and cross promoted for a week prior to the tasting. Flyers were put up at the store and the owners told everyone about it. We brought an award winning canary with us, Rebecca Lappa Music, and some swell pairing options from Range Road Garden Farms. The result? Nearly five cases sold that day! Buffalo Trail Liquor had to order more stock right after the event. Keep in mind, each case has 12 bottles in it. So, in just a few hours we were able to sell around 60 bottles of wine. We weren’t surprised really. It just so happens that we always sell more when people can try the product first.

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