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maracas from Nicaragua


That’s where this story begins, some maracas and an artist with an incredible talent.

We recently took a little vacation to Liberia, Costa Rica. While there, we decided to book an excursion into Nicaragua. You might ask what all this has to do with maracas. It’s a simple lesson to everyone marketing their talent as a product.

We stopped off in a little market in Catarina. There were vendors offering everything from bags to key chains, and everything in between. I stopped to talk with a vendor about some maracas he had for sale. He looked at me and told me he would not sell me them. He had a better idea. He told me about his friend and started leading me to the parking lot across the street. Hidden behind one of the parked tour buses was a few people selling some snacks and…maracas!

At first, it didn’t seem that this vendor’s maracas were any different from the other vendor’s. Then, they asked, “Do you want your name on them? He can do it, right now. No charge”. Excuse me? Just $5.00 USD and he’ll carve my name on one while I wait? Not only did he carve my name but he also carved Nicaragua on the other one. We stood there watching him as he used a little chisel to accomplish this in about 3 minutes. We were amazed.

Let’s face it, if this encounter had happened here at home, those maracas would have been $40.00 plus tax and an extra $10.00 for the carving. They’d have been ready for pick up in 3 days.

Bottom line, if you market your talent as your product, find a way to use it to interact with your customer and create an experience for them with it. It’s great to put things on display but, when we can watch it be created or used in a creative way, we’re more impressed and willing to pay for the experience. And, yes, I tipped him and bought snacks from his family. It was worth every dollar!