Congo Trail Canopy Bridge

What’s life without a little excitement? Zip lining over the Rain Forest Canopy certainly fills the gap. Except when you chicken out…

There we were, at the top of the platform, ready to connect my harness and soar across the canopy. Until I looked across to the next platform and felt nauseous. The staff were all very encouraging, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Disgraced and depressed over my sudden, and unexplainable, anxiety, my partner and I started the walk of shame back to the main compound.

That’s when we met Roy. He was on the phone when he saw us and promptly ended his phone call to speak with us. We came to learn that Roy is the owner of the Congo Trail Canopy. He is a Mechanical Engineer and built the zip line system himself. Seeing I was still hesitant, he offered to take me through the lines personally, just to show there was nothing to worry about. Sadly, I left that day without getting on a single line. Roy did give us a free pass to his wildlife rehabilitation facility and a free beer though. Both of which I enjoyed very much. (This is something you should take note of. It was my own doing that I missed out on the activity, but Roy still went out of his way to make sure the experience was as positive as possible).

After returning to the resort, without my victory t-shirt, I became so upset with myself that the rest of the day was pretty much ruined. Until….a thought. What if I contacted Congo Trail Canopy and asked if I could still take Roy up on his offer? I sent a message through Facebook and had a response within the half hour. I could return, no questions asked. What day was best? We set up a day and confirmed the time. That Friday at 9:45 AM I was on my way back to the zip lines.

Though Roy wasn’t available to zip line that day, he was there to greet us. We joined the incoming group and, conquered all 11 lines! The guides we had that day were funny and had everyone at ease. They encouraged every one of us, from the 4 year old to the 60 year old. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience! It’s clear that when the people at the top of a business care, so does everyone that represents them and their business.

So, if you’re ever in Guanacaste Province of Liberia, Costa Rica, drop by the Congo Trail Canopy. You’ll be really glad you did.

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